If you are wondering what is Kamayan feast? First I’d like to discuss some of asian restaurants styles how they have their own and unique style to serve and introduce their cultures such as Japanese Restaurant has habachi grill where the chef will cook your food in front of you and its very entertaining. Chinese has shabu-shabu where you can order raw meat and cook your own food on your table same as korean’s style. While the Filipinos has a boodle fight or we call it Kamayan Feast. A kamayan is a tagalog¬† term eating “by hand” without using utensils. This is a traditional Filipino style of eating–communally without plates and utensil. Food serves on a long table with banana leaves with different colorful and delicious filipino favorites. Kamayan feast can be found around the world, both in filipino expat communities and more recently at pop-ups and restaurants in New york, California etc.